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Brass Casting Production Line
Input frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 80 kW
Voltage: 380v
Principle:The melting and casting processes of horizontal continuous casting are carried out on two single electric furnaces respectively. The mold is installed horizontally, and the casting process can realize continuous production
Application:Like the transformer, the metal is heated and melted as the secondary part of the transformer in the molten groove by a huge inductive current. Due to the effect of electromagnetic force, the liquid metal is forced to move along the molten groove, making the whole metal continuously heated.
Up-Casting machine production line
Number of cast rod heads:24
Annual output(ton):15000
Take-up weight(kg):≤2500kg
Power consumption per ton( kWh/t ):≤320
Principle:The up drawing oxygen free copper rod continuous casting unit is a new technology to produce large length bright oxygen free rods, pipes, flat billets and other profiles
Application:1. Copper pole: used for cable, electric wire, electromagnetic wire, enamelled wire, telephone wire, computer wire, etc.2. Copper pipe: copper material used for air conditioner, household industry copper pipe, joint, etc.3. Flat billet: used as the billet of copper busbar, electrical components, rolled copper strip, etc.4. Copper alloy wire: It is used as the blank of bearings, copper shafts, copper sleeves, welding wires, electronic decoration and other products for automobiles, high-speed trams, and mechanical products.
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