Two complete production lines export to Egypt


Sept.18,2018 Two complete production lines(Brass Rod Horizontal Continuous Casting machine and Ball Valve Forging Production Line) export to Egypt.

Thanks for our customer's trust and support. Thanks to everyone in our factory supports my job under a hot weather.

And the Brass rod horizontal continuous casting production line including: 

1. Filter bags type dust collector(Environment protecting equipment),

2.Magnetic separation,

3.Copper melting furnace and holding furnace,

4.Vertical type horizon casting machine,

5.Bar peeling machine,

6.Rod straightening machine,

7.Cooling system

The ball valve forging production line including: 

1.Brass rod/tube continuous casting machine,

2. Heading machine,

3.Bar peeling machine,

4.Rod straightening machine,

5.Diced machine,

6.Heating machine,

7.Hot forging machine,

8. Trimming machine,

9.Shot blasting machine,

10.CNC machine,

11.Punching machine,

12.Milling machine,

13.Washing machine,

14.Assembly machine

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