Graphite Mold
High Density Graphite Mold for Copper Bar
PLC-5T Single Bar Peeling Machine
Processing Range:Φ85
Application:This machine is suitable for peeling, polishing and peeling processing of metal rods such as steel rods, copper rods and aluminum rods, Special-shaped rods such as round rods, hexagonal rods, square rods, etc.
CNC lathe
Spindle speed:60-5000rpm
Spindle motor power:2.2kw
Spindle clamping method:Spring collet
Tool specifications:12*12/Φ25
Principle:The accuracy of tool path can be analyzed using the idle running energy of CNC machine tools. After inputting the digital program into the machine tool, install the fixture tool and workpiece
Application:Suitable for grinding and polishing flat surfaces, grooves, toothed parts, and various curved surfaces on lathes
TQ-8 Straightening and cutting machine
Normal length error: round steel ± 8mm, deformed steel ± 1.5mm
National standard copper wire of motor :5.5KW
Host size :1300mm * 530mm * 800mm
Straightening speed: 31-45m/min
Principle:The motor drives the belt drive and can rotate the straightening cylinder at high speed to straighten the steel bars passing through the straightening cylinder and remove the rust on the surface of the steel bars; The electric motor can drive two conveying and pressing rollers through another pair of decelerating belt drives and gear reduction boxes, which can lead the steel bar to move forward. On the other hand, it can drive the crank wheel, which can promote the hammer head to move up and down. When the reinforcement is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer head will hammer on the knife rest to cut the reinforcement. When the cut reinforcement falls into the receiving frame, it will be subjected to the elastic force of the spring, and the knife rest will return to its original position, completing a work cycle.
Application:Straightening and cutting machines have the characteristics of fast speed, small error, no wire running, reasonable structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and can be widely used in various fields of hardware products and handicraft production.
Cooling System
Water cooling model:FL-3000
Cooling capacity kcal/h:903000(kcal/h)
Fan power: 4.4KW
Equipment weight:2620
Principle:The cold water stored in the water tank is sucked into the circulating system by the circulating water pump. After it passes through the equipment to be cooled, it will flow out the water with higher temperature after playing the cooling role, and then it will be cooled by the water circulating radiator and cooling fan, and then add a new circulation
Application:The design of the system is simple, economical and practical, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also greatly helps the pollution of clean environment
GYT-300 Backward tilting holding furnace
Model:GYT-300(Tilt back)
Melting Rate: copper:300kg/h brass:400kg/h
Power: 75kw
Principle:The metal is heated and melted by the huge induced current in the melting channel as the secondary of the transformer. Due to the action of electromagnetic force, the liquid metal is forced to move along the melting channel, so that the whole metal is continuously heated.
Application:Power frequency cored induction copper melting furnace is specially used for smelting bronze, brass, red copper, etc.
WSL-500 Horizontal wire drawing machine
Model: WSL-500
Processing Range:9-12mm
Principle:The pay-off is achieved by driving the pay-off frame with a frequency converter. Different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, the drawing process is very different, and the commonly used control technologies for winding are synchronous control and tension control.
Application:Reduces tension and peeling on coiled wire
DLG-3T Single Bar Peeling Machine
Processing Range:Φ70
Application:This machine is suitable for peeling, polishing and peeling processing of metal rods such as steel rods, copper rods and aluminum rods, Special-shaped rods such as round rods, hexagonal rods, square rods, etc.
Lifting platform
Lifting height (mm):20000
Rated load (kg):1000
Electric power (kw):11kw
Principle:With solid structure, large bearing capacity, stable lifting, simple installation and maintenance, it is an economic and practical ideal cargo conveying equipment for replacing elevators between low floors
Application:It is mainly applicable to the overhaul, maintenance, replacement of objects, maintenance, cleaning, scenery, etc. of cargo and manned aerial operations
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