Straightening & Cutting Machine


TQ-8 Straightening and cutting machine
Normal length error: round steel ± 8mm, deformed steel ± 1.5mm
National standard copper wire of motor :5.5KW
Host size :1300mm * 530mm * 800mm
Straightening speed: 31-45m/min
Principle:The motor drives the belt drive and can rotate the straightening cylinder at high speed to straighten the steel bars passing through the straightening cylinder and remove the rust on the surface of the steel bars; The electric motor can drive two conveying and pressing rollers through another pair of decelerating belt drives and gear reduction boxes, which can lead the steel bar to move forward. On the other hand, it can drive the crank wheel, which can promote the hammer head to move up and down. When the reinforcement is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer head will hammer on the knife rest to cut the reinforcement. When the cut reinforcement falls into the receiving frame, it will be subjected to the elastic force of the spring, and the knife rest will return to its original position, completing a work cycle.
Application:Straightening and cutting machines have the characteristics of fast speed, small error, no wire running, reasonable structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and can be widely used in various fields of hardware products and handicraft production.
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