Up-Casting machine production line
Number of cast rod heads:24
Annual output(ton):15000
Take-up weight(kg):≤2500kg
Power consumption per ton( kWh/t ):≤320
Principle:The up drawing oxygen free copper rod continuous casting unit is a new technology to produce large length bright oxygen free rods, pipes, flat billets and other profiles
Application:1. Copper pole: used for cable, electric wire, electromagnetic wire, enamelled wire, telephone wire, computer wire, etc.2. Copper pipe: copper material used for air conditioner, household industry copper pipe, joint, etc.3. Flat billet: used as the billet of copper busbar, electrical components, rolled copper strip, etc.4. Copper alloy wire: It is used as the blank of bearings, copper shafts, copper sleeves, welding wires, electronic decoration and other products for automobiles, high-speed trams, and mechanical products.
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